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New Advanced Student Information System

Why struggle to pay huge amounts for a student information management system, e-library, & e-learning system ?, when you can get the ASIS with all the 3 and more features integrated into One. Reduce the cost now by getting the ASIS at a very affordable price. Our goal is to help all local institutions grow with our tireless support and partnership, for this reason, we are here.
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Our Business.

Lamiabis Establishment it is a Zambian business registered under PACRA under registration #: 320210021769 in line with the Act No. 16 of 2011 Zambian law, the business was established in January 2020 with a mission to grow Zambian Institutions through our innovative solutions we provide.

  • Data processing, hosting and related activities.
  • Real estate activities with own or leased property.
  • Activities of amusement parks and theme parks.
  • Computer consultancy and computer facilities management activities.
  • Online Store.

We are the owners and developers of the Lamiabis Electronic Student Information Management App, Which is targetted to help learning institution in Zambia develop through the use of the App, we also have a number of projects that are running all aimed at empowering the the Zambian citizens with the right platforms to use grow thier businesses.



This is a Lamiabis Establishment project aimed at provinding Cheap and reliable Data hosting Services like Website hosting, and Email hosting to the Zambian businesses,


Iandrostore online store

This is a Lamiabis Establishment project aimed at providing enhenced e-commerce services, and help the local businesses to easily trade throught the online store. Also it helps amature mobile app developers to easily publish thier inovative apps and flexible policies as compaired to other app stores.


Lamiabis Real Estates

We offer realestate activities like leasing our self constructed building which contains shops, houses, and office spaces around zambia

Nature of Business Activity

Information and communication

Data processing, hosting and related activities

Arts, entertainment and recreation

Activities of amusement parks and theme parks

Real estate activities

Real estate activities with own properties


We are established to server your, by help you grow your business through our platforms.
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Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC)


Supershine University


Rock View University


Eagles Vale Solution




Christian Medical Outreach Ministries


Sotrane Publishers


Lusaka Agro-Tech Institute Limited


Inforbroad Technologies & General Dealers LTD


Kenneth Kaunda Metropolitan University



High Speed Web Hosting in Zambia


$9.00 / month

  • High Speed Cloud Hosting for 1 Website
  • Enjoy All The Features
  • 10 GB SSD Raid 10 Storage
  • 8000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 15 MYSQL Database
  • Website Builder
  • Free & Auto SSL
  • Free Nightly Backups


$40.00 / month

  • High Speed Cloud Hosting for 1 Website
  • Enjoy All The Features
  • Un-metered Raid 10 Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 200 MYSQL Database
  • Website Builder
  • Free & Auto SSL
  • Free Nightly Backups

Our Leadership

Our Principles Are What We Stand For. They Are Beliefs We Hold Deeply And Make Tradeoffs To Pursue.

Lameck Nsama

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for Lamiabis Establishment, which he founded in 2017. Lameck is responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company.

Abigail Katandula

Head of Lamiabis Fashion

Abigail is the Head of Lamiabis Fashion, where she leads the services and stratgies of Lamiabis Fashion, Fashion Magazine, Fashion Stores, and Online store. Abigail is one of the founders of Lamiabis Fashions project, which is one of the project we are running in our establishment since 2018.

Tuliswensi Sinyangwe

Head of Product Design

Tuli is the Head of Products Design (HPD) responsible leading the family of apps: eSIS, e-Journal, and University Repository. Tuli is a Founder and CEO of Nchitonet Dot Com Ltd., Nchitonet Dot Com is a human capital solutions provider that specializes in human capital outsourcing, development, training and consultancy. During the last 3 years they’ve proven it. They have recruited more than 500 young vibrant employees in more than 15 departments and trained more than 250 employees.

Kelvin Nsama

Head of Services

Kelvin is the Head of Services (HS) responsible for the service department team and handles customer service interactions, reports, and repairs. He ensures excellent customer service, maintains strong relationships with our customers and third-party vendors.

Lumbeta Bulawayo

Head of Marketing

Lumbeta is the Head of Marketing (HM) responsible for planning, developing, implementing and monitoring the overall business marketing strategy. Has a wide a range of experience with social media technologies and tools and a track record of creating successful social media campaigns. Manages all phases of digital marketing and social media management initiatives, from concept through delivery and optimisation, by working closely with clients to develop and execute a proactive social content calendar.

Danny Musenge

Head of Research and Development

Danny is the Head of Research and Development(HR&D) leads research for the adoption of new technology and equipment to improve the organisation's operations and business. He has exceptional skills in data analysis, decision making, planning, research, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing and data collection.


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